Activity, Media and Public Relations

There are three committees in Otium: Activities, PR and Media. Each committee has a ‘Head of Committees’. The Heads of Committees are responsible for the acquisition of the committee members, the delegation of tasks, the motivation of committee members and the time frame that needs to be upheld.

Activity Committee
The Activity Committee is responsible for three main parts: the introduction week, the activities and the field trip. Non-related school activities consist of the four parties each year and the community building activities or drinks. The study related activities are for example company visits, guest lectures and tutoring sessions.
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PR Committee
The PR Committee has the responsibility of acquiring and maintaining external contacts. This covers many different factors; for example, universities, associations and companies (sponsors).

Media Committee
The Media Committee consists of the Editorial and the (Social) Media part. The editorial team is responsible for the magazine, newsletters and other offline communication. The (Social) Media team is responsible for the website and Facebook.

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